About Amira

I have studied belly dance for over 20 years and taught for over 12 years and I just love this dance form. For many years, I performed regularly throughout Seattle clubs and restaurants, sometimes logging in over 200 performances a year! When my son came along, I decided to give the clubs a rest and focus all my energy into teaching. Turns out, I love teaching even more than performing!

In July of 2014 I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer (I documented the journey here). I’m happy to say that I am now cancer-free and glad to be dancing again after going through treatment. As a belly dancer, it was hard to lose my long hair and breasts, but I’m so grateful to be alive and lucky to be surrounded by many, many amazing people who supported me and loved me through it all. I have always believed in the power of dance to provide strength and happiness, no matter where we are in our journeys. My experience has deepened my commitment to teach with compassion, purpose, and most of all, joy.

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